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"If I forget you Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill"


Two thousand years of a hidden dream within two thousand years of longing.

Every family is another link in the chain of the nation,

Every house is a burning torch that does not forget, and remembers.

If I forget Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill

Everyone who engraved the saying in their heart, the one city, which burns in the light of eternity.

And the eternity is Jerusalem.

We were standing at your gates in Jerusalem.

The three-dimensional artist, Yariv Ben Dayan, created by hand a replica of a Jerusalem stone carved from the hills of Jerusalem.

In a prayer for a sustainable peace in Jerusalem

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls, and tranquillity in your citadels.

The creation process of the hand-made monuments takes place in the "YarivBen Dayan" studio, which overlooks the Jerusalem hills, with an emphasis on originality, finish and quality.

The creation comes in a variety of colors, easy and ready to hang on the wall.

Size :20.5x9.8x1.5 inches

52x25x4 cm

Choose color: