3 Dimensional environmental projects

B3D projects, manages and implements projects requiring a high degree of professional skill and experience for public and private clients both locally in Israel and internationally.
Projects have been delivered to a wide range of customers including architects and interior/exterior designers, property developers, lighting installations, museums, theaters, TV and opera.

The Studio specializes in the production and sculpturing of environmental elements using composite materials which can withstand severe weather conditions and even aquatic environments. as an example sculptured elements with attending construction for an aquarium or fountain.

Yariv Ben Dayan, who heads up the Studio, has extensive experience and acquaintance with materials, paints and textures enabling the achievement of perfect visual effects.

Yariv’s professional experience started with the production of stage sets for the main theater companies in Israel. He progressed to become the manager of the set production department at the Israeli Opera which produced sets for both indoor productions and outdoor as at the spectacular Massad site. He also produced sets for other theatrical productions, TV series and concerts. In that capacity Mr Ben Dayan was also a member of United Scenic Artists Broadway, New York.

B3D projects, manages projects from the stage of inception, through design and production and onto full installation. The Studio uniquely combines artistic talent with practicality.

B3D projects offers clients professionalism, quality workmanship and integrity - the ingredients for successful project implementation.
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